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Today’s Training

This is a deload week for the Foundation and Handstand programs, so everything drops to 1/2 volume; it’s also my last encounter with my nemesis, the first progression for the Hollow Body Press, incline pushups… 75 reps in a 3-4 minute window was not doing it for me.

20 minutes soft-tissue work: scapula, traps, rear delts, pecs
5 minutes double lacrosse ball T-spine mobilization
Squat work (mostly weighted), hip mobility
3×10 weighted pancake good morning (30 lbs.)
Shoulder pre-hab
F7 (no squats)

More squatting
QDR practice in between
100 reps w/ Trainer gripper, sets of 5

QDR is starting to feel pretty good, I played around with extending my legs out for a bit, and did some 10s tuck holds as well.


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Last week’s training

Tuesday, September 10th

Squat work, mobility
Shoulder pre-hab
3 sets seated pancake good-morning 15 lbs. x5,7,7 10s hold on final rep of each set
Accumulate 60s back body line drill (30s,15s,15s)
Jefferson curl 10 reps, 45 lbs., 10 second hold on final rep
Accumulate 45s front body line drill (15s,15s,15s)
5 arch backs (no hold)
QDR practice
Floreio workout 1
H1 (3x24s tripod, iM PE1)
Split squat 3x5x90 (7 plates per side)

Wednesday, September 11th

Squat work
F7 (no deck squat)

Thursday, September 12th

Rest day (flooding…)

Friday, September 13th

Hip IR mobility
Squat work (some weighted)
3×7 Weighted pancake good morning (25 lbs.)
Shoulder pre-hab
2x Back body line drill (accumulate 60s), 10 reps Jefferson curl 45 lbs.
Front body line drill 2x20s
QDR practice
Floreio workout 1
Deadlift 3x5x255
50 reps with Trainer gripper (sets of 5)

Saturday, September 14th

Short squat work
Shoulder pre-hab
F7 (no squat)

30 minutes
Squat work, alternating with
QDR practice (still tucked; 5s holds, alternating sides moving through squat)

Sunday, September 15th

Squat work (mostly weighted)
10, 5, 10 Weighted pancake good morning (25 lbs.)
Shoulder pre-hab
Wrist warmup/prep
QDR practice (tucked 5s holds, alternating, about 10 reps per side)
Floreio workout 1 (tried to do rotations into low bridge, fail)


The QDR holds are improving, still a little intense on my wrists. After a few days of practicing rotations into low bridge on the wall along with low bridge slides, I tried to do a full rotation into low bridge on the floor…. suffice to say it was discouragingly awkward. I think I have more work to do. Boulder flooded hard this week, so I took Thursday off the help take care of our house, which, thankfully, had pretty minimal damage.

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