Training 9/18-9/24

Wednesday, September 18th

30 minutes squat work, variety of positions; felt like crap today, took it easy.

Thursday, September 19th

Squat work
Shoulder pre-hab (both of Ido’s routines)

Friday, September 20th

50 reps grip w/ Trainer
Squat work and mobility, mixed with
5 minutes jump rope
Shoulder pre-hab and scapular mobilization
A1. Back body line drill 45s, 15s
A2. 10x Jefferson curl 55 lbs.
Wrist warm-up
B1. Chest-to-wall handstand 25s
B2. Weighted pancake good morning x10, 30 lbs.
Floreio workout 1, w/ 5 “perfect pull-ups” after each round (on rings)
50 reps w/ Trainer

Saturday, September 21st

Ankle mobility (30 minutes)
Squat work
Roll triceps, rear deltoids 5 minutes
T spine extensions w/ weighted bar, double lacrosse balls, 5 minutes
Shoulder pre-hab, scapular mobility
F7 (no manna, left shoulder felt a little tweaked)
QDR practice 2x5s, 4x10s tucked
100 reps w/ trainer

Sunday, September 22nd

AM, fasted:
Jump rope 3 minutes
Swivel hips, hip flexor banded distraction, front rack banded stretch
Hang power clean: warm up, 115×3, 135×3,3, 145×1, 1, 1
Front squat: 115×5, 135×5, 145×5
Deadlift: 5×185, 235, 255, 265 – felt great, could have pushed for more
PM: 40 minutes ankle mobility/squat work, 10 minutes double lax ball spine rolling

Monday, September 23rd

New HBP progression: Pushup, start at week 5, 4×6
Move to week 9 on H1 PE1, 4x48s

40 minutes ankle mobility/squat work
F7, no squat

Tuesday, September 24th

40 minutes soft tissue work, ankle mobility

Wrist warm-up
H1 (4 rounds: 48s tripod alternating w/ 10s static seated shoulder flexion, weighted bar)
A1. 10x Jefferson Curl, 55 lbs. (10s hold at end)
A2. 10x bend backwards (10s hold at end), 3x
B1. 30s back-to-wall HS
B2. 10x weighted pancake good morning, 30 lbs. (10s hold at end), 3x
Shoulder dislocate, weighted bar: 3x44in, 5x42in., 5x42in.
Floreio workout 2 variant
3 rounds, relaxed pace
A1. Slide into low bridge x5
A2. Rotations into wall x10
A3. 1/2 Au Cortado x8
A4. 4 ring pull ups
10 minute rest
Split squat 90×5,5


F7 is back to normal, pushing towards the last microcycle on most of the progressions before moving on to new movements. My ankles are still being recalcitrant, so I’m dedicating more time to using all of the tricks in my MWOD tool bag to get them back in action.


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