Today’s Training

I tweaked my left anterior deltoid last Friday, so I took it easy this weekend and warmed up slowly today to make sure it was good to go (it was). To help recovery I applied Traumeel, ginger oil, Helichrysum italicum oil (per Ido Portal), and a “trauma salve” my housemate (an herbalist) gave me 3x each Saturday and Sunday. Ido recommends the following anti-inflammatory protocol:

3x per day:

Ice 20 minutes

Apply Traumeel, Helichrysum italicum and wintergreen essential oils

On third application, apply with cotton ball soaked in hot water, leave on affected area and wrap in plastic overnight; remove in morning

Shoulders are hard to plastic wrap, shockingly, and my wintergreen oil is in the mail, so I did what I could. I’ve been hesitant to ice since Kelly Starrett reversed his position on the practice (one-year follow up discussion here), so I did a short ice massage before each application instead, hoping to induce a refractory increase in circulation. My immunology conscience always wondered why icing was recommended across the board for acute injury, even while people started to question the efficacy of NSAID use in the same context…

Today’s training:

F7 (as described previously)

30 minutes squatting, mostly weighted (40 lb. dumbbell)

Warm up for F7: Ido’s shoulder mobilization routine, squat mobility work, dislocates (unweighted with a dowel), jump rope

Felt good today; this is the third week of progressively increasing volume, and next week is a deload week. The rep scheme was:

1. Bent hollow body hold 5x36s; integrated mobility (iM) 5 reps cat/cow in between sets

2. Scapular shrugs 5×9; iM 10 reps swivel hips

3. Arch body hold 3×24 seconds; iM 10 reps hip circles

4. Tuck up 5×9; iM 5 reps per side stiff leg windmill

5. Deck squat – skipped today; waiting until my squat mobility improves to push the single-leg squat progressions

6. Incline pushup 5×15; iM 10 reps german arm swing

7. Incline body row 5×9; iM 30s side lat lean

Incline pushups have been my nemesis; the German arm swings take about 15 seconds to finish, so my shitty endurance makes it hard to complete 75 reps with little rest. Stiff leg windmills, my other goat, have been improving too as the impingement in the back of my left shoulder improves.



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