pretrans outline

1- Overview of Gebster’s model- archaic, magic, mythic, etc; but as an UL psychological model first

2- ‘and, some theorists such as Ken Wilber of suggested the addition of further transpersonal stages that follow his last stage, the integral structure’

3- the movement through stages is a process of transcendence and inclusion. Pathologies arise when we repress (fail to include/embrace) or fixate upon (fail to transcend) stages of our own growth. Psychotherapy is mostly about facing and embracing (usually) or facing and releasing these stages.

4- Overview of Gebster’s model in the context he uses it in: the LR and LL: ‘Jean Gebster has pointed out societies go through these very same stages (this is pretty cool)’

5- In the same way that as children we grow through magic, mythic etc stages and sometimes repress them, causing psychological pathologies, so has our culture gone through these same stages and repressed them (or aspects of them, namely connection with nature and our families etc) which has resulted in severe pathology, evidenced in the widespread destruction of the environment, sense of isolation, despair and disconnection that faces us as a society.

6-  A more general pattern of development can be described as the movement from (a) prepersonal to (b) personal to (c) transpersonal. Therapy facilitates the transition from (a) to (b). Spiritual practice facilitates the transition from (b) to (c). The vast majority at (b) tend to confuse (a) and (c) because they are both not personal.

7- The reenactment and adaptation of indigenous practices and systems of believe tend, as a result of the aforementioned confusion, to be lumped together with meditation and other transpersonally oriented (intended?) practices.

8- It seems important to make the distinction, then, between indigenous practices which help embrace repressed stages of our own culture’s evolution, thus shaping a healthier ‘collective ego’ or fuller sense of self (thereputic) and practices such as meditation that result in the realization of that self’s illusory nature (spiritual).

9?- A discussion of why this is even an important distinction to make and how the failure to make it causes suffering.

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