So there was a big BANG and then there was energy and then there were loads of bits. These bits have since become noses and cars, acorns and banks; the Rolling Stones and minds; beating hearts and hamster cages. I remember my astronomy text book had a timeline outlining the coagulation of pure energy into structures of greater and greater complexity in the first couple seconds after the big bang and the first mark of time on the timeline was something to the effect of one trillionth of a second. So things were moving in a pretty definite direction the moment shit hit the fan. I was having a discussion with the parents and family friends and, as usual, they were bemoaning the degenerate direction the world is heading in. While from a certain perspective it his hard to disagree with them, the more this perspective zooms out, the more it seems ultimately ridiculous. Not ridiculous really, just… irrelevant. Perhaps THE fundamental quality of Everything is that it moves–is the movement–towards increasing degrees of embrace. We are pebbles in a cosmic avalanche towards God, and the ridiculousness of our concern over the future of the world is the ridiculousness of the pebble worrying it will reverse the direction of the avalanche. So if we zoom out far enough we can pretty much conclude that shit gets better. This made logical sense in the context of that conversation but didn’t quite sit right until a distinction was made later: shit gets better, but not as opposed to shit getting worse. Everything–the good, the bad, and the ugly– is always already love: maybe it is more accurate to describe the tendency towards increasing complexity as the universe becoming more transparent to, or conscious of, that fact. (which, tangentially, relates to the category error constantly committed by new agers: the association of good with Good/God, and the dissociation of everything else–the bad and the ugly–from God). The direction of the avalanche is not arbitrary. It does not go down as opposed to going up. If we were to stand on our heads its direction, in the sense of that dichotomy, would be flipped. These millions of tons of stones instead gravitate towards. And gravity (apparently) is just as fundamental is coagulation. The new age category error–mistaking good for God– is identical to the mistaking of the direction we ascribe to the avalanche’s movement (down)–which is arbitrary and constrained in definition to its opposite, up–for the movement itself. Gravitation contains our idea of ‘down’ and transcends it. And because of our particular perspectival orientation our concept of ‘down’ is more transparent to the truth of gravitation than is our concept of ‘up.’ In the same way, ‘shit gets better’ is is a observation more transparent to the truth of the universe than ‘shit gets worse.’ So as long as we don’t confuse ‘down’ and ‘better’ with gravity and God we’re more or less on the right track, until we think that we are.

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